Organizational Accelerator

Organizational Performance Accelerator

Take control with ULTRA Six Performance Accelerators. ULTRA Six Performance Accelerators use a revolutionary process that combines the best in human behavioral psychology with the lessons a former Army General Officer learned while rapidly ramping operations during the Global War on terror. They reveal how mindsets and behaviors operate as cognitive processes, and how to control and shift these processes to optimize performance in shorter periods of times. 

This Performance Accelerator enables Boards, Leaders, and Managers to assess the individual and collective Behaviors and Mindsets producing current Performance levels.  Then design and develop the Idea Performance levels (in Days) by shifting employees Behaviors and Mindsets.  Think operational processes for the Employee’s Behaviors and Mindsets.

The Accelerator is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: A 90-minute Online Training Reveals how Performance is designed, what employee Performances are possible, and how the Accelerator produces instant improvement by design for employees.

Part 2:  Through a Performance Design Process and ULTRA Coaching Sessions with Employees, the desired Behaviors and Mindsets will be instinctively developed in days to produce the Ideal Performance!

The Organization will Succeed.  The question is when and how much will it cost to achieve success?  Millions in Years?  Or thousands in a few days?

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